Our history, while brief, is significant.

In 1999, doctor Brad Smith felt calling to build a camp. As a physician, camping was not a part of Dr. Smith’s personal history, but was soon to be a notable part of his future.

While attending a men’s retreat at Forest Home, Dr. Smith was stirred by a speaker that weekend who told of the things many in their 90s wished they had done with their lives.

As Dr. Smith boldly stepped out in faith what was in his heart, he and his family created a non-profit organization – Eagle Ridge – that began the search for a place to call home.

The search led he and his family to 300 unspoiled acres in the valley of Big Bear, California. The land boasts beautiful views, wide valleys, and is bordered on three sides by the San Bernardino National Forest. This is the land that Eagle Ridge now calls home.

Dr. Smith has dedicated his resources, time and heart to seeing the dream of Eagle Ridge become a place where youth and adults are brought to a deeper and fresh understanding of their place in life.

The Board of Directors are dedicated to helping this dream become a reality – the dream that began at a mens’ retreat, that Dr. Smith stepped out in faith on, and that we are now sharing with you.