But it was not enough.

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The reflectors of the TD Garden are all for the couple formed by James Harden (42 points) and Eric Gordon (32), real matadors Celtics (38-26). Things are more complicated for Boston, dominated during the first 36 ‘and then capable of coming back to life by the touched -28 in the 3rd quarter dragged by the second unit to -8 in the last fraction. But it was not enough.

Now coach Stevens is forced to reckon with the fifth defeat in six races. the game – Boston began the race in the worst way possible: lost in an attack that, after the first 2 ‘, appears already locked and in total confusion (6 turnovers in 6’) and with a defensive attitude that makes one shudder. Especially since, on the other hand, there’s James Harden, the leading scorer in the NBA. Barba took advantage, putting together baskets repeatedly to his shoulder Eric Gordon.

The two Rocket ride mates in a 10-0 break that is worth the 15-6. Kyrie Irving and Al Horford trying to sound the alarm to the Celtics, who reappeared until the new -7 (24-17). But it’s useless: in the 2nd quarter of the Texans continue to make it rain triples, sinking up to touch the -24 (61-37) at 2 ‘from the interval siren. That sounds on the score of 65-43, with the first “Boos” the TD Garden raining down from the stands.

The gap, after 24 ‘, is abyssal: Harden and Gordon back in the dressing room with 43 combined points (suffice them to equalize the entire Celtics), the protagonists of a 56% attack from the field, compared to 43% of the hosts, with terrible 1/13 from 3 points that makes things worse. Boston must play all around. The 3rd period, however, starts with two shots from the arc than usual Gordon repulsed Brad Stevens team on -28 (71-43).

The Celtics try to react, closing the fraction 6/8 to 3 and inaugurating the 4th period with a 18-6 break with Irving on the bench, to 18-6 for the new -10 (106-96) all signed signed by Jaylen Brown and colleagues of the second unit. After the time put by D’Antoni, Houston has to deal with the 6th Harden foul, which comes after a stroke of genius from the arc for the 112-100, but has to leave at 1’40 “from the siren. The Celtics, however, end up gasoline.

Gordon put on ice by the bezel for a 114-104 with 50 “remained. Boston: Irving 24 (4/6, 3/5 by 3 7/8 tl), Horford 19, 18. Smart Rebounds: Irving 9. Assist: Smart 6, Irving 6 Houston: Harden 42 (8/13, 6 / 18 from 3, 8/9 tl), Gordon 32, 15. Paul Rebounds: Capela 9. Assist: Paul-12 Charlotte Hornets Portland Trail Blazers 108-116 Blazers (39-24) continue to fly on the upper floors of the Western Conference.

Against the Hornets (29-34) came the fifth win in their last 6 games played on the road, one that is worth the momentary passing on Thunder in 3rd place in the West. To bring a smile to coach Stotts thought a super Jusuf Nurkić there (26 points, 15 rebounds and 6 assists), along with co-stars Damian Lillard (23) and Rodney Hood (27), decided with his 21 points in the 4th quarter.

Across Charlotte misses an opportunity to return to eighth place in the East, paying dearly for domain painted in Portland (58 points conceded) and the bad night shooting of Kemba Walker (18 points with 5/21 from the field) , losing the match between All-Star with Lillard. NBA, half of the team Portland Trail Blazers is stuck in the elevator A TEARS – The start is everything to Portland.

McCollum and Lillard start with the turbo already on, and guide them to a 15-2 break that forced coach Borrego first time emergency out. The dressing-down, however, does not seem to work. After returning the Blazers continue to run until 26-11 that reveals the worst scenarios for the hosts. The music changes with the entrance, the bench, the tandem of Lamb and Kaminsky.

The reserves of the Hornets hold hands mates, propitiating a partial 16-6 in between 1st and 2nd period to the -4 (35-31). Charlotte lives defensive intensity, which, however, is not always to the maximum: Seth Curry and Nurkic bring a new pillow 10-point lead (50-40), before the strokes of Kaminsky and Walker that put the pieces and allow Hornets to arrive on the range 56-50.

In the second half the motivations of Portland are decisive for shifting: Rodney Hood marks 20 of the 22 points the Blazers in the late 3rd period and the first half of the 4th, before leaving the witness usual Nurkic and Aminu, that supports the basket in the 114-103 1’42 “the final siren. When Charlotte raise the white flag. Charlotte: Lamb 23 (5/9, 4/4, 3, 1/1 tl), Walker 18. Kaminsky 18 1xbet.footballresultstoday.org.

Rebounds: Biyombo 9. Assist: Walker Portland 12: Hood 27 (6/8, 3/6 from 3 , 6/6 tl), Nurkic 26, Lillard 23. Rebounds: Nurkic 15. Assists: Nurkic 6, 6 McCollum Andrea Grazioli

November 13, 2018 – Milan, Filippo Tortu, 20, this season with 9 “99 broke the record in the 100 Mennea. IPP Who will be the champion of the year at the Journal Awards? We first need to get into the final 8. And then obtain the consent of our readers.

Who is the best athlete? Who did you excite more? It is not easy to choose, even in this 2018 full of victories, of stories. The raids surprising and very welcome return.

Besides age, the sport they represent, the popularity they enjoy. Beloved, I am. Take Francesco Molinari: how many of you are in love this year of course seeing Chicco dominate the British Open and the Ryder Cup, beating a legend like Tiger Woods? On the putting green, Italy wrote exciting pages thanks to Turin, the best spot for a sport that in 2022 will see the most prestigious trophy in Rome’s own world?

The best season of Bean, the leader of the European Tour money list, gives authority to the application to inherit the scepter of the Referendum in 2017 was the goalkeeper Gigi Buffon. From Torino in Turin, in fact.

Where did you learn to go fast, very fast the highest Italian swimmer, quell’Alessandro Miressi – a giant 202 cm – that after winning three medals at European Championships in which the most prestigious, like gold in the 100 freestyle, is also became the Italian record holder in 47 “92, the third largest long season. A sample launched, in short, to the Olympics, and in the most crowded and difficult race: so young and ambitious not to be afraid of competition.

A Miressi like challenges, starting with the video games, and this referendum Rosea seems to come at the right time to round off an unforgettable year. shots of foil – and could not ask for more summer also another character, the fencer Alessio Foconi, which in China has won a memorable gold, renewing the great tradition of the blue fencing. A boy popped out at the right time, right in the year, at age 28, when his career will always placed at a crossroads: sample or unfinished?

Foconi captured the moment. As Vincenzo Nibali in the Milan-Sanremo. The man in stage races still goes strong with magnificent candidates turning in man of a day of spring Classicissima, which could allow him to return between the Man of the Year candidates journal as early as 2017 that the arrow – from cycling to athletics, the queen of Olympic sports is back protagonist, beyond the Europeans, thanks to a sprinter like Philip Tortu, the Milanese became on June 22 in Madrid the first Italian to break the 10 “barrier in the 100 meters : the twenties, darting in 9 “99, has therefore deleted the record of Italian Pietro Mennea of ​​10 ’01 that resisted since 1979.

Evan annals, a killing that is independent of everything else, including medals. It ‘a star that shines now in the global firmament, always looking for the white sprinter in response to the black power. For Tortu a prestigious starting point in his career.

It never seems to end, however, the Lanfranco Dettori career, the legendary 47-year old Frankie that after 2017 where he became the first rider to triumph for 5 editions the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, October 7, 2018 in Paris did six in the most prestigious testing gallop in the world and always riding the same horse, Enable. A fantastic combination front of fifty thousand spectators in a crowded race 30 times. His leadership already seems unattainable.

Dovi goes – also the year of Andrea Dovizioso in MotoGP is to be framed: the thirty-Romagna Ducati with 3 wins (including Misano) and 8 podiums before Valencia, is behind in the world ranking only the Spaniard Marc Marquez and ahead of Valentino Rossi. The record holder Grand Prix since 2002 (275), a year ago the Journal Awards triumphed in the Exploit section. And speaking of confirmations, in skiing fatigue, Federico Pellegrino has put the seal on his sensational four years with the Olympic silver in the sprint classic technique, he is the world champion of the Sprint free technique.